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Chocolaito~~ *3*

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9/14/10 08:19 am - stuff I never upload to dA

one of them is this


anyway, long time not updating LJ and dA
where have I been?
blame school.

mid term exams are coming tomorrow and I haven't studied a thing!!!!!!!

1/13/10 02:53 pm - I missed Death Note orz

I'm fucking bored atm cus my dad hasn't picked me up from school by now! It's like already 3 pm here... unggh
So uhmm yeah,, I decided to update my LJ..it's been looooooooong time.

I first joined LJ in hope I will find lots of DN fans like me and download doujinshis.. but I didn't get much doujins though since I'm underage LOLZ. Yeah... time have passed so quickly and I find myself now liking other fandom more than Death Note.
I still like Death Note but the fandom is kinda dead isn't it?? No more awesome DN pics posted on dA... =A=
I post this doodle cus I missed drawing Light ~~ XDD

11/2/09 04:41 pm - this is a very late post lol

Hetalia Day in Jakarta was so much fun~~! I met lots of awesome artists and crazy ppl! XDD
I went there alone cus most of ppl I know at school don't know about Hetalia...lol (most of them are nerds and some are fans of Korean bands, idk);; so I was kinda nervous at first, but it's fine~ the Indonesian Hetalia fans are so kind! *0*
I arrived very very late but the still welcome me LOL///and it appeared that the event was just ABOUT TO START. I was like wow,,, I was late 2 HOURS but they were just about to start??! LOL INDONESIANSS XDD

There were about 25+ ppl attended the event~
and I made 45 bookmarks and sold 43~! Wow,, I totally didn't expect everyone to bought almost all of it,, that was so exciting!
Especially since I made the bookmarks in hurry, only 2 days before the event//// BLAME SCHOOL. =___=

Overall the event was very exciting and I had lots of fun~~ I met lots of new ppl and did art trades.

I hope there will be events like this again in the future...

A copy for myself~ XDD

Ahh I'll end with this

THIS IS WHAT I'M DOING ATM. OTL;;; Biology test tomorrow.....
I'm gonna die orz,, cannot memorize the bacteries' names....jdflsjkhgh

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10/18/09 11:00 pm - hurrr

Long time no updating LJ;;; I'm not even sure I'm using it anymore lol *slap'd*
But anyway. Talk about my life.
School has been getting busy and busier.... consequences for studying at St. ****** (rofl censored)
That's why l almost abandoned my dA

I kinda regret studying there

tapi kalo pindah skolah jadi kyk "turun pangkat", karena skolahku skolah favorit =___=


I look like anti-social on internet
lol srsly
this is bad,,, I want to kick my sister for using the internet too often

I'm going to participate on Hetalia Day in Jakarta. Well actually I hope I can go.....

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5/31/09 11:38 pm - oh mann, i'm too lazy


I'm so into Hetalia;;; I've watched the anime till episode 18 and tried to read the manga but I haven't finished it;;;
I was so stupid that I tried to read from the original japanese site and didn't even think that there's a translated version orz;; I'LL READ IT ASAP

Lately I feel lazy to draw and prefer hanging out with friends or go to the cinema to watch movies (cus it's holiday *3*)....
I'm sorry if some ppl on dA expect me to submit more often and those who're waiting for my part of collab and art trade orz
......i'm too lazy to draw anything atm. *shot'd*
The next stuff I want to submit on dA is.. HETALIA. :'D

5/13/09 01:41 pm - quick doodle and holiday plans////

I haven't drawn anything for weeks orz/// my head is full with school exams and stuff...
guess I should just draw quick doodle or sth

Drawn this yesterday//// couldn't think of drawing other than Lighto because I had no much time :'D
I should search for Hetalia reference to draw Hetalia fanart next time when exams are over....
Mmm,,, actually there's no character I like in Hetalia. I just like the story~

mannn i want to go to Japan so badly for this summer holiday//////////
but my parents plan to go to Phillippine and Malaysia.......
if I want to go to Japan I can just take the homestay programs, my parents might allow me.


I haven't been to Phillippine but I've been to Malaysia and Japan. @_____@

5/10/09 04:15 pm - helpfkdgjdflskgsjf

Something's wrong with my photoshop;;;; I can't input text nor edit it!
There's this error message
"Could not complete your request because something prevented the text engine from being initialized"

what's wrong with my photoshop ;___;

well umm i'm not supposed to be online atm haha;;; got exams tommorrow.
fkgjsdlkgjsdlkfg the exams won't stoppppp
i wish May 20 comes faster D:
we've been doing these exams for like 1 month and more////hell
it's boring to write LJ or blog entries without pictures or WIPs;;;; orz
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4/28/09 10:41 pm - H-HETALIAAAAAAA

I watched it today,, up to the 7th episode. I should've watched more,, but I have more serious stuff to do///tomorrow's the Math national final exam...  Nationwideeee orz;;;

So yeah,,, I love hetalia. It might become my next fandom;;; after death note. (i'm kinda bored with it now;;; but not really..)
hetalia's so cute lol;;;; there's even WW1 and WW2........ *i laughed srsly*
Ahh Italy, Germany and America are funny XDD
I need to watch moarrrr//////
and I also want to draw fanart of it,,, after the school exams are finished that is. 1 month to go.... ;___;
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4/23/09 09:04 pm - I-i-it's commminnggg

Next week will be like hell. ;A; I'll have to study till death lol cuz my school's target for Math 100. Impossible? If it's Math, no. The national math exam is usually easy...hopefully this year too. XD
Yusshh;;;; I'll try hard too so my school's rank wil  be on top of the nation this year~! We were on second place last year,,, the first place was an all-boys school. HOMOMUSTNTWIN *slap'd* :'D
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4/21/09 03:16 pm - i didn't study science orz;;;

...and it is a national pre-exam;;; OTL;;;;;
I still read some of the biology stuff but,, the physics..NO.
I didn't study for english either,,, I've been like this since forever. English is not my mother language and at my school it isn't that hard *shot';d* :'D
The 4 weeks non-stop exams really is killing me ;A; I want to graduate junior high sooner!! kgjdflkgjsdfk
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